How to start using the app and how does it work?

Superlaiffi app Get Superlaiffi at The app works with all the smart devices, tablets and phones. Open the app in your browser and create a profile by following the instructions app gives. Inside the app, you are guided by our coach Leiffi.

There are 5 elements in the app:

  • GYM BAG, where you can see your own activity. Here you can also start a new activity
  • TREASURY, where you can see the incentive awards you have gained. The percentage tells you how much of your treasury is filled. When your treasury is full, you will get the main prize. When your treasury is full, it will empty and you will start filling it again with your activity. You will gain incentives and encouragement while filling the treasury. All activity is as valuable!
  • ACTIVITIES, where you can view activities by others to join.
  • CHAT, where make plans about activities with others.
  • PROFILE, where you can view and modify your own profile.

Languages: English and Finnish, selected in your profile.
Age restriction: 16

Please enable location and cookies, so that app can find you the suitable company. You can choose place, time and suitable company gender as you create a new activity.

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