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Do you have a feeling that you want to have a change in your life? Not sure if you are able to do it alone? Maybe more exercise and being more active?

Our service is designed for everyone who is looking to improve their quality of life, and to meet their goals in a new way.

We know that in Finland every other person is overweight, every fifth is lonely, and 80% of the people would like to be more active.

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Welcome to <em>Superlaiffi</em>

Superlaiffi is a novel community, company and portal for a new way of life in every step of your journey. Our service is based on science and common sense. We are utlizing the latest technology and innovations in our products and services. Our very first application is focused on providing you a tool for more active lifestyle, better health, and building a perfect training community. 

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What is Superlaiffi?

Superlaiffi is here to make you move, motivate and activate you, help you feel better and meet your goals in a new easy way. Superlaiffi is constantly developing its technology and finds solutions to improve your modern lifestyle, with a twinkle in our eye. Our free application is counting on combination of three: individual, community and corporation. Superlaiffi highly supports entrepreneurship, and helps to create relationships between customers and businesses. Our application makes everyday life more active and healthier with a fun touch.


We help you to find activities and friends, and to achieve your goals in life, everyday, always. Peer support motivates you to be more active and meet your targets. You are rewarded for your activity.


We are challenging all the communities, villages and towns to activate people. Focus is on wellness and feeling healthier. Let's do it together!


Let's take care of entrepreneurs and the employees. We aim to develop new operating models together, be more active in everyday life! A new way of agile and equal marketing.

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Our mission

Our mission

Human are pack animals, humane, good and positive.

We want to help people to achieve a good life in equal ways despite the craziness of the modern society using modern technology as a tool.

Technology doesn’t comfort – the touch and sympathy of another human being is the best. Good life belongs to everyone.

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